Ajax alarms are a new and innovative way to receive alarm notifications. They work by embedding an alarm notification into the web page itself, instead of relying on an external application like a pop-up box or email. This means that you can keep track of your important alerts without having to switch windows or applications.

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Ajax Indoor Wireless touch keypad for arming disarming security system – AJAX KEYPAD-BLACK

  • Activate the full security mode by pressing one button
  • Duress code to raise a silent alarm
  • Grade II (EN 50131)

Ajax Narrow beam indoor motion detector – AJAX MOTIONPROTECT CURTAIN

Indoor and outdoor curtain detector creates an invisible veil protecting windows, doors, and valued goods from burglars.

Ajax Wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon oxide sensors – AJAX FIREPROTECT PLUS

Ajax Fire Protect Plus also has a CO sensor that can detect dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide a potentially lethal