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Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet DS – 2CE12HFT-F28

Hikvision colorvu 5MP

Hikvision is the most trusted brand in video surveillance solutions due to its incorporation of fast-forward technologies. It offers its end-users not only the latest high-quality video imaging processing, audio and video encoding, and ample data storage but also artificial intelligence and cloud computing. It holds one of the most significant market shares in the video security industry because of its deep knowledge and reputation for meeting the needs of diverse customers. 

Why Hikvision ColourVu 5MP-DS-2CE12HFT-F28 CCTV Camera? 

Hikvision ColourVu 5MP Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras come with core technology that is powerful in capturing details in total darkness or low-lightening environment. The 5MP-DS-2CE12HFT-F28 Hikvision ColourVu CCTV Camera is a 5-megapixel bullet-style outdoor analog camera with a 2.8 mm fixed focal lens Colorvu technology and 130 dB accurate Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology with built-in white light, which provides precise imaging even against strong backlighting. 

Core Hardware Technology Behind the DS-2CE12HFT-F28 – Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera’s powerful performance as a video-based security system is backed by three ground-breaking hardware technologies:

  • Highly-advance sensors
  • Super large F1.0 aperture lenses

Technical Key Features of DS-2CE12HFT-F28 – Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet

  •  Precise color rendition ISP technology
  • Electronic Shutter range PAL: 1/25 s ~ 1/50,000 s; NTSC: 1/30 s ~ 1/50,000s.
  • HD advanced IR analog dome/bullet camera.
  • Sensitivity lux of 0.0005 lux @ (F1.0, AGC ON), 0 lux with white light lux.
  • High-quality imaging with 5 MP, 2560 × 1944 resolution.
  • 2.8 mm fixed focal lens.
  • Dimension mm: 83 x 77 x 220.
  • Pan: 0 to 360°, Rotation 0 to 360°, Tilting: 0 to 90°, angle adjustments.
  • Weight g: 565.
  • True / Day night operation.
  • 3D DNR technology, 130db true WDR.
  • Smart Light 40 m white light distance.
  • 24/7 colour imaging.
  • Back Light Compensation.
  • One port for four switchable signals (TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS) or an Analogue camera.
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67).
  • Operating Temperature oC: -40 ~ 60 C (-40 ~ 140 F).
  • Protection: IP67 is weatherproof and dust resistant.
  • Operating Humidity %: < 90.

Technical Specifications of DS-2CE12HFT-F28 – Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet

  • Camera

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera gives you an image sensor of 5 MP CMOS with a maximum resolution of 2560 (H) × 1944 (V) that serves four purposes:

  • It’s beneficial in lower light applications due to the latest pixel architecture that provides higher sensitivity.
  • The Higher fidelity image is due to lower dark noise.
  • The higher dynamic range that is provided by well depth pixel’s saturation capacity
  • It lowers the power consumption.
  • Lens

The first and essential specification to consider while buying a security camera is its focal length and field of vision (FOV). It depends on what function you need your security camera to perform while selecting the CCTV lens size. Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera offers a 2.8 mm fixed lens, horizontal FOV: 99.7°, vertical FOV: 72°, and diagonal FOV: 139.8°. It serves the following purposes:

  • Covers large areas and open spaces with exceptional image quality and high levels of detail.
  • Offering a field view that covers a backyard which makes it cost-effective.
  • Movement tracking at a distance for number plates or facial recognition.
  • Illuminator

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera’s light illuminator supplements white light type with auto-off and range up to 40m. It provides:

  • Overall improved efficiency of the security camera.
  • Reduces issues caused by insect build-up.
  • Allow the surveillance camera to record in colour 24/7.
  • A persuasive and effective crime deterrent.
  • Brightens any specified scene to be viewed.
  • Image

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera has STD/HIGH-SAT to image parameters switch with image settings such as brightness, sharpness, mirror, smart light, and AGC with different frame rates:

  • TVI: 5MP@20fps, 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@25fps
  • CVI: 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps
  • AHD: 5MP@20fps, 4MP@30fps, 4MP@25fps
  • Interface

Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera comes with 4 in 1 Video Output Switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS, making them universal cameras. This feature to quickly switch video output makes them.

  • Highly compatible with all the popular security DVRs, XVRs, including older analog DVRs.
  • Provides a better image sensor that produces video comparable to 1080P IP cameras.

Why Choose Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera from One Stop CCTV?

One Stop CCTV provides a wide range of CCTV cameras that will fulfill your security needs and requirements. You have a wide range of CCTV cameras to explore at One Stop CCTV. We have been providing the best ongoing service of security cameras all over Manchester and its surrounding areas. You can order online or visit the nearest One Stop CCTV retail shop.

If you buy Hikvision ColorVu 5MP CCTV Camera 2.8mm Fixed Lens Color Bullet-DS –2CE12HFT-F28 from One Stop CCTV will not only enhance your home security or office but also provide a chance for you to provide extra care and protection to your loved ones. We are well-reputed for: 

  • Our after service of new upgradation of software and hardware.
  • Our simple installation process.
  • Our highly-trained team provides you with the best-suited security product.
  •  24/7 customer support available.

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