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Hik Connect Apps for the Android and iPhone

Hik Connect Apps for the Android and Iphone

Hik Connect is a new software developed for the Hikvision CCTV installer that helps users to set up and control devices remotely from inside the current app.

Additionally, all the standard features are available for free, but upgraded enhancements are paid for in a subscription-based program. For details please visit Us.

During the trial period, all features are complimentary for up to five users.

The Hik connect for Hikvision CCTV installer would have to seek permission to obtain complete access.

And what are the major benefits?

First, the primary framework lets you access established devices by authorization or set up new ones through multiple consumer sites (1024 devices maximum).

Secondly, Much of the apps’ remote setup is yet to be seen (you can for example draw motion detection areas, even format hard drives all without port forwarding)

Both the regular end user motion warnings and updates are managed by the software.

An HDD disk/bandwidth calculator

Hik Connect Paying offers the following advantages:
  • Unlimited devices
  • The Hikvision AX Pro alarm arming status may be used to enable privacy masking on the device.
  • Health management – lets you keep on top of problems such as cameras going down or hard drive crashes.
  • EMP Authorization management and logging – with this function, you will monitor what each of your workers can and cannot do from
  • controlling one platform to managing the whole Hik Pro Connect account (for management)
  • Co-branding: Consumers can show your logo instead of Hikvision’s on the app.

What’s the cost?

Once approved (as an installer), you then have access to prices and payments for devices or groups of devices.
How about privacy?

The end-user has all power of this.

They will prohibit cameras from being accessed or videos played, keeping the existing health signaling and statuses in place as well as remote setup choices.
Anything extra?

People counting, mask identification, and temperature screening are also usable.

Hik Connect App Download :

You can now find all the hik connect Android app and hik connect iPhone apps at the Hikvison app store.

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