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The Best Security Cameras in 2022

Best security cameras 2020

The best smart security cameras detect motion and sound, capture footage instantly to the cloud for viewing remotely, and help keep your property safe wherever you are

OK, so you might be spending a lot more time at home these days, but we’d wager anyone concerned about their home is going to be in the market for one of the best security cameras on the market today, whether they’re sat inside or not. Good news: there’s literally never been a better time to install cameras around your home. The standard of cams has gone through the roof, the price has (ahem, mostly) trickled down, the smarts have gotten smarter, and installing all of that hardware yourself has never been easier.


Wireless security cameras mean the minimum of drilling and hammering; no long cable runs, no piping power through your walls, and no bank of screens or expensive PVR. Instead, your camera content gets sent to the cloud, so you can access it live on your phone, or watch it back at your leisure.

You don’t need to go wireless – there are also some great wired security cameras on the market, which trade ease of setup for long-term reliability, cutting out the need to shimmy up a ladder and change the batteries if you’re installing them outdoors. Wired cams might also add some extra abilities which could prove too punishing for wireless cameras to pull off.

Although we’ve picked out options at all price points for this guide, if you’re on a budget you’d be wise to check out our guide to the best cheap security cameras – you may even bag a bargain cam for under £50.

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